The Studio

The Studio

Roth Audio Design offers a comprehensive 7.1.4 mix suite to our clients. A spacious recording booth with PIP feed can be used for VO, ADR or 2 person interview sessions. The fully calibrated control room allows for accurate and translatable mixes from mono all the way up through object oriented surround formats.

Industry standard gear is used throughout including Genelec, Sennheiser, Neumann, DPA, Apogee and Grace Design. Pro Tools HD software is supplemented by a wide array of plugins including advanced spatialization and audio cleanup/restoration tools.

Direction of talent or monitoring of mixes can be done in person on the comfy couch or remotely through telephone, Skype or Source-Connect.

The studio is conveniently located on Potrero Hill in San Francisco which has good parking, numerous food options and great weather.